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Issues | Chris Donovan for Congress

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Issues: On the Issues

Chris on the Issues

Chris Donovan is a proven and recognized Democratic leader with a broad, deep history of fighting for health care, promoting job growth, improving the environment, standing up for women’s issues, and fighting for clean government.

Chris’s work on behalf of Connecticut’s working families, in the legislature and in the community, has produced landmark results, including a first-in-the-nation statewide paid sick leave law to ensure workers have access to paid leave to care for themselves and their families, a statewide healthcare pooling plan that uses bulk purchasing power to decrease risk and lower premiums, the strongest public campaign finance system in the nation for all elections to state offices, increased protections for domestic violence victims by expanding access to protective orders and critical information, and protecting Medicare and Medicaid eligibility and benefit levels from cuts.

In Congress, Chris will fight to bring jobs to Connecticut, preserve Medicare and Social Security, bring our troops home, improve our aging infrastructure, protect our natural resources and encourage innovations in alternative sources of energy, and ensure clean and fair elections.

Issues Preview

Jobs and Economy

Realizing Recovery: Chris’ Plan for Jobs and the Economy “I will fight every day in Congress to bring good, middle class jobs back to Connecticut, so hardworking families can earn their own piece of the American dream. There is one thing we must do right now, and it is grow jobs here in Connect...

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Civil Rights

Social Justice for All of Connecticut: Chris’ Plan for Civil Rights “The Pledge of Allegiance states ‘with liberty and justice for all’ – but these aren’t just words; as Americans, we live by that pledge. We mark our development as a state and a nation by the movements to extend freedom...

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Building for the Future: Chris’ Education Plan “When I was growing up, it was much easier for students to afford to go to college or a technical school if they wanted to. We must ensure that Connecticut’s children have the same opportunities. We need to show all of our young students that ...

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Foreign Policy and National Security

Chris’ Plan for for Foreign Policy and National Security “America's foreign policy and national security interests are best served when we defend America utilizing diplomacy, cooperation with our allies, and avoidance of unnecessary military intervention. We must bring our brave troops home as ...

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Energy and Environment

Chris’ Plan for Energy and the Environment “Our stewardship of the environment is the most important legacy we can leave to our children and grandchildren. Our goal must be to have a cleaner environment with less reliance on fossil fuels, in order to create a cleaner, more sustainable world.”...

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Leading the fight for High-quality, Affordable, and Accessible Healthcare “Access to quality, affordable healthcare is a right that should be shared by all Americans. I will fight to make sure that every family has access to the medical care they need at an affordable price.” - Chris Inside...

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Clean Government

For the People, By the People: Chris’s Commitment to Clean and Accountable Government “Free and fair elections are the foundation on which the American democracy rests. The health of our system of government depends on our elections being decided by the will of the people, not being sold to the...

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Moving People, Moving Goods, Creating Jobs: Chris’ Plan for Transportation “Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure is the frame on which our economy is built. In Congress, I will work with federal, state, and local officials to update our aging roads, rails, ports, and bridges, and to ...

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The Good Fight: Chris' Pledge to Honor and Protect our Veterans “What we ask of our service men and women is too much, so we can never thank them enough. While we can never repay the debt we owe them, we must try, by providing good health care, expanding educational opportunities and job traini...

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Medicare and Social Security

A Promise Kept: Chris’ Commitment to Social Security and Medicare “Every American deserves the chance to feel secure in their retirement, and I will fight against those in Washington who want to undermine these crucial programs. The future of retirement in America depends on it. Social Securi...

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